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bespoke hypnosis MP3s

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Bespoke and custom made hypnosis

Bespoke self hypnosis recordings are available from Rachael Eccles Advanced Hypnosis. Before purchasing please email. At busy times this service may take several weeks to complete. If you purchase the bespoke service, after discussion with Rachael the end result will be a personalized hypnosis session designed and created especially for you. The content of a bespoke self hypnosis recording can be entirely created by Rachael herself, or you can have input on the suggestions, visualizations and personalization of it, basically you may have as much or as little input as you wish.

Why a bespoke self hypnosis recording?

You may just have a specific idea in mind of what you would like, there may be issues you want to address that are not covered in the range of "off the shelf" titles, or it may be that you wish to combine many aspects of personal change or self improvement into one session.

It may be that you have considered in person hypnotherapy sessions but would prefer an option where you can enjoy the relaxation and gain the benefits but in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Because a bespoke hypnosis recording is tailored personally to you it will work as well if not better than a personal one to one session, plus you get to listen to it over and over, therefore gaiing the effect of repetition which is very important with hypnosis. Perhaps a bespoke hypnosis may be just what you are looking for?