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Career and Study Hypnosis Downloads and CDs

Hypnosis is very effective for confidence, self-believe and general self-improvement.  If you are aiming for success in the workplace and looking for career progression, hypnosis downloads (MP3s or CD) can help you.  Your motivation, focus and concentration can be enhanced.  You can learn faster and develop your interpersonal skills with hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis can assist you in the development of leadership skills, as well as confidence when talking with the boss or giving presentations.  There are so many ways hypnosis can help you improve and develop in ways that can help your career and job prospects.  Hypnosis can also give you that extra edge when it comes to interviews – a boost of confidence and mental focus really helps.

Studying: Can Hypnosis Help?

If you are studying a course whether full time or part-time.  It can be difficult to find the motivation to study, the energy to do it and the organisation to create a system that works.  Often, the biggest enemy is procrastination.  We have hypnosis titles that can help you become more organised and motivated, here are a few very popular ones:

  • Study motivation
  • Learn faster
  • Be organised
  • Stop procrastination
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve your memory
  • Exam nerves

Driving Test Success hypnotherapy MP3, Hypnosis Download

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Driving Test Success Hypnosis Download

Do you want to feel calm, relaxed and in control when you take your driving test?
Do you know that nerves are getting in the way?
Do you know that you should pass, if only you could reduce the anxiety

This self hypnosis recording is designed to help you stay calm in the days leading up to the test and to find yourself on the day, able to focus, able to concentrate and able to drive just as well as when you are having a driving lesson. The self hypnosis aims to reduce nerves significantly, so that a normal, comfortable level of apprehension takes the place of uncontrollable anxiety and consequently when you feel much calmer you drive better, you concentrate and you drive confidently, decisive and competent.

Imagine how great it would be to me arriving back at the test center, just knowing you've passed.

Imagine how great it will be to go to take your driving test and feel good, knowing it is going to go well.

Won't it be good take the test feeling calm, able to concentrate and driving as well as you know you can?

This includes three tracks:

1. Daytime hypnosis

2. Bedtime hypnosis

3. Lite-Speed hypnosis (mini 5 mins session ideal for just before the test on the day)

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