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Confidence and high self-esteem are crucial to mental wellbeing and happiness.  Confidence gives you strength, power, motivation, contentment, self-love and much more.  So if you lack confidence you simply must do something about it.   So ask yourself why do you lack it? Is it all the time or just in certain situations?  Try to identify how you want to feel and if there are practical changes you could make that will help you.  In addition you can gain further insight into what changes you need to happen by meditating on the subject.

Hypnosis can be incredibly powerful for increasing confidence and boosting self-esteem.  We have a huge selection of titles on this subject area, some are designed to help in very specific situations, such as in a job interview, or when giving a wedding speech or work related public speaking and presentations.  So if you find your confidence is lacking browse through our titles and find something that sounds helpful for you.