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Hypnosis for Confidence & Self-esteem

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for self confidence and self esteem.  When you use hypnosis for confidence, the hypnosis session guides you to simply relax and follow the suggestions.  As this relaxing process occurs, you will find yourself experiencing new possibilities in the way you feel about yourself.  The hypnotic experience can open up your mind to new levels of confidence and the ability to feel good about yourself.  This awareness is the beginning of positive change.   

Hypnosis for confidence: How does it help?

The way hypnotherapy can help you become a more confident version of you is through the way this altered state allows you to become aware that you really can change.  Your subconscious mind picks up on this awareness that there is a different option where you feel confident.  Gradually as the changes take place, you find yourself feeling confident easily and naturally. 

Rehearsing a new level of confidence

When you use hypnosis audios for confidence, you are in effect, rehearsing the new way you will feel and react.  In situations in your life where before, you may have felt shy, tense or stressed, these responses change and you begin to feel confident and positive instead.


Man Magnet: Be more attractive to men, confidence & charisma, Self Hypnosis MP3 Download

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Are you trying to meet a man but lack confidence in yourself?
you find it difficult to talk to a man you are attracted to?
Would you like to be much more confident with men?
Do you feel intimidated by men?

This self hypnosis recording is designed to help you overcome any confidence issues you may have with men, allowing you to feel comfortable talking to any man, especially a man you are attracted to. The recording is based on the premise that if you feel good about yourself, more confident, and significantly less self conscious you will be sexier and more magnetic and attractive to men. So, if you want to feel an extra boost of confidence and be able to talk to men with great confidence, feeling relaxed at ease with yourself, this self hypnosis recording could be beneficial to you. This is not about tricks or gimmicks, or just about sex it is simply about helping you to be the genuine authentic you, only much more confident, much more sure of yourself and consequently much more magnetic and attractive to men.

Would you like to feel very confident talking to a man you find attractive?
Do you want men to be more attracted to you?

Then this is for you.


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This is suitable for anyone who wants to attract a man. There are 2 tracks, a listen & wake hypnosis and a bedtime hypnosis

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