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Hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem is one of the most popular types of product we offer, because we all need a boost to our confidence from time to time and hypnosis is a quick and effective way of getting that. We have a selection of titles, some being focussed on personal development and on feeling good about yourself, and others go more into social confidence and confidence in specific situations such as public speaking or interviews. Two of our most popular titles are "Accept Yourself" and "The Power: Supreme self confidence" Virtually everyone would benefit from one of these.  Accept yourself deals more with self esteem and being kind to yourself - a great tool for anyone with self-esteem issues or who have/had a very demanding or critical parent, or even a partner who is or has been overly critical, because if you have self esteem issues then an over-demanding harshly critical person like that will have a negative effect on your already challenged self-image and feelings of low self worth.  This hypnosis recording is designed for you, to help you to rise above all that has happened, and to start afresh, to help you to see yourself as good enough, worthy, valuable and ultimately able to accept yourself and love yourself for who you really are.

So in summary, some of our self-hypnosis titles for confidence, are quite specific to certain situations, some are for "repairing" damaged self confidence or self image and others are for building on confidence, developing that ability to feel really at ease with yourself and then moving forward into enhancing charisma and magnetism.