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Everything else hypnosis CDs

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Everything else hypnosis MP3s

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What can hypnosis be used for?

When we think about hypnosis we tend to think of stopping smoking, or overcoming a phobia or even having a virtual gastric band fitted.  However there is much more to hypnosis than that.  Hypnosis is very similar to meditation or daydreaming and your creative mind can become more active, relaxed unrestricted.  Some of our titles don't quite fit in any other category, so we made a new one for them.  This section of the store is for titles like "The Time machine" - a fantasy time travel experience where you get to visit a certain time and place but only for 10 minutes real time.  Or perhaps, let's say you want to try your hand at acting and want to become good at it very quickly, for this you may find "The Actor - enhance your stage presence and performance confidence" just the ticket!  Maybe you want to learn how to astral project... well we've got that one too.  Fancy a browse through?  Just click one of the images above and it will take you to the relevant department.

Can't find what you are looking for?

In each shop category at the top right you will see a search box, just type in what you want, single words or short phrases work best.  Still can't find what you are looking for?   No problem, we will be happy to help, email us: sales@advanced hypnosis.org.uk