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Overcome Fear of Bugs and Insects, entomophobia Self Hypnosis MP3 Download

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Overcome your fear of bugs and insects. Use this hypnosis MP3 each day for 15 - 21 days and see the difference!

This session is designed to help you to overcome your fear of bugs and insects. There are no difficult visualizations in the session. There is a point where you visualize watching a film of someone who is not afraid of bugs and insects, but it is about taking on the calm relaxed feelings rather than visual images, you can be in control of that visualzation and gradually become more daring with it if you want to as you make progress and see positive changes happening. Using this recording can reduce the fear and revulsion of all 'creepy crawlies' how much of a change you want is up to you, but the more you use the recording the better the results tend to be.

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