How to get the most out of your self hypnosis download or CD

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Using self hypnosis is a great way to make positive change happen in your life. You may want to take control of a habit or overcome a fear or anxiety. Hypnosis can also be incredibly helpful for confidence, self esteem and motivation. If you want to get the best out of self hypnosis the following tips can be beneficial to know before you get started.


Tip #1 Practical steps for meditation or hypnosis

Make sure the room is warm and comfortable that there are no distractions around you like unfinished work or clutter, or cats! You can sit or lie down whichever you prefer and it may be helpful to have a blanket handy as well as a drink of water just in case. Before you begin, switch off phones and also doorbells is possible. If you live with other people, let them know not to disturb you for 35 minutes or so. However if you are disturbed during the hypnosis so long as it is brief you will probably find it quite easy to get back to a focused relaxed state. Ideally though, it is best to not have any interruptions.


Tip no #2 Focus on the issue at hand

Before you start listening to your hypnosis download (or CD) think about what you are looking to achieve. This gets your mind focused on getting a positive result and also stops you thinking too much about other unrelated things that might distract you. It is a good idea to push other thoughts away for a little while if possible, so that when you begin to listen you are focused and feeling positive about it. As you start to relax thoughts may flow through your mind and you can observe them in a detached way and let them drift away more and more with practice.

Your subconscious mind can work on finding positive solutions and changes when you reach a state of relaxation. The process is beneficial in many ways and you should emerge from the hypnosis feeling relaxed and more positive.

For help with controlling thoughts like this see our mindfulness meditation here

Tip #3 Do not over analyse

You may find initially that you are thinking to yourself – am I doing it right? Is this how it is meant to be? My mind keeps wandering. These thoughts are nothing to worry about. Self hypnosis is just like meditation, you get better at it with practice but it is still beneficial even when you are not well practised at it. See our faq on the “three levels of trance”

So try not to over analyse just go with it and see what happens. Practice every day if you can and gradually you will find that you become better at it, you may find your mind goes quiet and you drift off and do not hear certain parts of the recording. You may notice parts of the hypnosis sometimes that seem new. With practice you will gain the benefit of the hypnosis as well as becoming better and going into a hypnotic relaxed state.


Tip #4 Be open minded to results

Hypnotherapy is a well researched and respected therapy and is recommended by many medical organisations. It can help improve your life in many ways. But, you have to allow the changes to happen. You have to engage with the process. So before you begin listening think about making a positive change and trust the process to guide you to a peaceful, relaxed state of mind.

Written by Rachael Eccles 5 May 2019