Achieve Mindfulness, Relaxing, Stress Reduction Meditation CD


Achieve Mindfulness, Relaxing, Stress Reduction Meditation CD 00364b


This simple but powerful practice can be easily mastered using this CD to help you to learn to think differently. The Mindful way of thinking and reacting can be incorporated into your daily life, it is simple and easy to learn to think and react this way.

Mindfulness can help you to break the cycle of unhappiness, stress and anxiety. Being mindful will help you to cope with and manage the stresses, problems and frustrations life throws at you with a different reaction, with calm, peace and inner strength.

The Mindfulness Cd contains a simple, straightforward mindfulness meditation session.

One track is with music and one is without music. Practicing with this over a few weeks will allow you to grasp a new way of responding to outside stimuli. You may be surprised at first as you notice yourself responding in a different way, less emotional reactions, less stress, and much more focus, clarity and calm. Mindfulness is extremely beneficial for stress, anxiety and depression. It promotes contentment, peace calm and happiness.

Achieve mindfulness, CD contains two tracks: One with music and one without music

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