Overcome Hypochondria, fear of illness 2 tracks Self Hypnosis hypnotherapy CD

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If you are a hypochondriac then you will know all too well how emotionally and mentally exhausting it can be to think this way. You know it is not logical but the same patterns of behavior and reaction seem to take place over and over again

Wouldn't it be good to break free of this and be free from the relentless anxieties and worries?This self hypnosis is designed to help you to change this - to break out of the repetition, to rise above it and find so much more to think about instead of symptoms, fear of illness and and health worries. Part of the problem is that it is a habit and the thought processes are running in the subconscious part of your mind even when you may consciously try to resist it or try to rationalise. It has become an emotional response which is not especially open to reason and logic. Hypnosis is all about establishing change in the subconscious, so in a sense reprogramming your mind to think differently.

The hypnosis aims to change the reactions from fear, dread and anxiety, to thoughts of strength, resilience and courage - a feeling of nonchalance - a belief that you can handle everything and anything, no longer afraid of illness. Often changes begin to happen within 15-21 days, in many cases, earlier.

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