Stress relief, Bundle, hypnosis, hypnotherapy 4 CDs, including the MP3 instant download versions

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Stress management bundle

Included in the bundle, four titles (4 CDs) comprising eight tracks:

  • Chillax, daytime hypnosis
  • Chillax, bedtime hypnosis
  • Stop worrying, daytime hypnosis
  • Stop worrying, bedtime hypnosis
  • Perfect sleep, daytime hypnosis
  • Perfect sleep, bedtime hypnosis
  • Find inner peace, daytime hypnosis
  • Find inner peace, bedtime hypnosis

How to use:

These carefully selected hypnosis sessions complement each other really well to help reduce stress in a noticeable, fast and lasting way. Start off by listening to one of the tracks that most appeals.If you need to be alert and refreshed after the session, then select a daytime (listen & wake) track.If you prefer to use hypnosis at night just before you go to sleep then using a bedtime track will help to get you ready to sleep afterwards.You can use whichever session you want to, you do not need to use them in any particular order.The daytime hypnosis sessions last approximately 26 minutes and the bedtime ones, approximately 38 minutes.

If you have any questions, especially if you have not used hypnotherapy before, then please read the user guide which you can download free at, most questions will be answered there. Further information can be found on our websites, and even more information at

If you still have questions then please do get in touch on our facebook page or email us

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