major life events hypnosis CDs

Major life events CDs

major life events hypnosis MP3s

Major life events MP3s

Hypnotherapy for major life events

The hypnotherapy Mp3 and CD titles in this category are aimed at addressing those stressful times in life, relationships issues, life changes, forgiveness, relationship break up, exams and much more. Times in your life where you need some stress reduction, and maybe a confidence boost too. Times in your life where you need to be at your best and take control rather than being swept along by events.

Taking a step back and thinking "what do I want the outcome to be here?" can help you to focus and re-assess your next steps. Hypnosis can help you to make adjustments, reduce stress, gain focus and self-belief as well as motivation and positive expectation. This allows you to get the best out of your life even when times are challenging.

One title we always recommend during stressful times is "Enjoy Every Day" it is all about positive thinking and positive expectation, it is excellent for mild depression and for anyone prone to stress.