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Relationship problems and break ups

Hypnosis can help you move on after a relationship breaks down, by helping you to let go of the past and look to the future.  Hypnosis can also help with ongoing relationship problems such as lack of trust and jealousy issues.

Relationships with people around you, such as partners, children, parents, and other family and friends are essential to happiness and well-being.  Therefore we created our range of hypnosis sessions all about helping relationships, reducing problems and making the best of every situation.  This range of hypnosis for relationship issues can help you with the emotional and psychological aspects of your relationships with those around you.


Say "no", Assertiveness, Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis MP3 download

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Do you find you just can't say no to people?
Are people taking advantage of your kind, obliging nature?
Would you like to feel more in control of your life?

This self hypnosis MP3 is designed to help you if you just can't say "no". You may have "yes" as your default response and then later regret agreeing to things when you perhaps ought not to have. You may be very obliging and too nice, perhaps a little too eager to please, and this can sometimes lead to others taking advantage of you. Or perhaps you find it difficult to say no to a particular person such as a relative or friend. This self hypnosis recording will guide you into a deeply relaxed state and remind your subconscious mind that you are important, what you want is important and that it is alright to say "no" sometimes. You will be guided through a process of relaxation and then positive suggestion as well as visualizations where you can begin to identify with this new way of reacting, can all take a positive effect on your subconscious mind. So you change the way you react, you take time to think, you remember that you do not have to give an immediate response to people. Use this recording daily for 30 days and then if and when required. You will notice it becomes easier to say no, easier to make the decisions and choices that are in your best interests.

Imagine how good it will feel to take control and say "no" when it is appropriate.

Won't it be wonderful to put your needs first for a change?

Imagine the boost to your self esteem, when you finally take control and stop letting other people push you around.

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