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Relationship problems and break ups

Hypnosis can help you move on after a relationship breaks down, by helping you to let go of the past and look to the future.  Hypnosis can also help with ongoing relationship problems such as lack of trust and jealousy issues.

Relationships with people around you, such as partners, children, parents, and other family and friends are essential to happiness and well-being.  Therefore we created our range of hypnosis sessions all about helping relationships, reducing problems and making the best of every situation.  This range of hypnosis for relationship issues can help you with the emotional and psychological aspects of your relationships with those around you.


Stop Excessive Crying Hypnotherapy MP3, Hypnosis Download

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Stop Crying Hypnosis Download

Do you cry too easily?

Do you find it hard to hold back the tears when empathizing with people?

Would you like to overcome this problem?

Self hypnosis can help you to make changes in the way you feel and react. This recording has been created after working on a one to one basis with many people with this issue. People with a great deal of empathy sometimes becomes so absorbed in a sad story, whether factual accounts or fiction in the form of novels/film/tv, that is becomes all too easy for the tears to flow. Of course this tendency to become easily upset and feeling emotional can also be a sign of depression, so please consult your doctor/GP before using this self hypnosis recording in case you need assistance with a more serious issue.

The tendency to cry easily can become an annoyance to you as it becomes embarrassing, you start to see the potential for it happening again when a friend tells you of someones misfortune or you encounter problems and unexpected events or news. This problem becomes something where the reaction is an uncomfortable one, one that you want to change.

Wouldn't it be nice to use your caring, your understanding and your empathy to be supportive to others without your emotions getting in the way?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be free of the embarrassment of crying?

Wouldn't it be empowering to take control and stop this?

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