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Better Snooker, Self Hypnosis 2 track Hypnotherapy MP3 Hypnosis download

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Better Snooker Hypnosis Download

Improve all aspects of your snooker with this self hypnosis. The hypnosis utilises sports psychology techniques to help you to get focused and in the zone. Whether you are playing a friendly game with a mate, or a more high pressure game at an important event, this MP3 is designed to give you the edge, so that you play just as well as if you were practicing alone.

So, all you need to do is take half an hour for yourself, perhaps before you go to sleep, and listen to the recording. Let the hypnosis recording guide you into a deeply relaxed state where your attention is focused and your body relaxed, the suggestions allow change to happen in the way you feel, and the post hypnotic suggestions ensure these changes continue into everyday life. As the changes happen, you let go of the old self limiting beliefs that have held you back, you are free to achieve your full potential, to become the best you can be. You become more focused, confident, relaxed, and able to concentrate, nothing distracts you. You have a positive expectation, you visualize each shot before you play it, and you take each shot with absolute calm. Listen to the MP3 each day for 30 days to gain the full effects and then use as and when required such as before important games.

There are two tracks included, one is for daytime and for for bedtime

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