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Concentrate, Improve Concentration, self hypnosis MP3 download 00092

Improve your ability to concentrate, so that you can listen better, so that you can remember things better, so that you can absorb information more effectively. Not only will improved concentration allow you to process information more efficiently and remember things more easily, it will also improve your interactions and relationships with others, by allowing you to focus and listen better.

So, all you need to do is take half an hour, relax and listen to the hypnosis, let yourself be guided into a relaxed state where your attention is focused and your body relaxed. The suggestions allow change to happen in the way you feel, and the post hypnotic suggestions ensure these changes continue into everyday life. You may notice an almost instant improvement, even after only one or two listens, but it is important to continue using the MP3, ideally every day for 30 days to gain the full effect.

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Brand:Rachael Eccles Advanced Hypnosis
Format:Instant Download (mp3)
country of manufacture:United Kingdom

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