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Giving a Presentation 2 track Hypnotherapy Hypnosis MP3 download


Giving a Presentation 2 track Hypnotherapy Hypnosis MP3 download 00162

Hypnotherapy can be used to build your confidence and self belief and to improve any kind of public speaking or public performance that you may need to do. Reducing anxiety, boosting confidence and helping you get the message across in the right way, this hypnosis focuses on achieving a calm, clear, focused mind. The recording guides you into a deeply relaxed state where your subconscious becomes receptive to positive change. The suggestions take an effect and a new positive, confident mental approach becomes established more and more as you listen and reinforce the effects. You know you can be relaxed and confident when giving a presentation. You practice, you prepare and as the positive effects of the hypnosis build and reinforce your confidence, you feel great when you stand there as the speaker, you believe in yourself and you do it so well

This self hypnosis MP3 lasts around 27 minutes as it is designed to be used often, ideally daily for 30 days for the full benefits to be obtained. Thereafter, use as and when required.

Includes 2 tracks

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ISBN:does not apply
Brand:Rachael Eccles Advanced Hypnosis
Format:Instant Download (mp3)
country of manufacture:United Kingdom

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