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Hypnosis is wonderful for relieving stress and anxiety.  Just the process of relaxing and going into a hypnotic state is stress reducing.  Then, once you have attained that relaxing, dreamy state of hypnosis, the positive suggestions can help to reduce stress, worry, anxiety and tension significantly.  If you are an anxious person, you can use hypnosis for anxiety usually with success, so long as you persevere.

With practice, using hypnotherapy for anxiety or stress will result in you feeling less tense and better at relaxing in day to day situations, and you may also sleep more deeply and feel less tired.  Anxiety and stress are common problems, we all suffer from these feelings from time to time, but when it becomes a problem and makes life difficult hypnosis can help alleviate it and manage it. As well as our hypnosis downloads for anxiety, we also have meditation for insomnia, as well as anxiety and relaxation.  These meditation audios are all available as CDs or downloads.  Meditating using a recording makes it easier to maintain focus and keep your mind clear and positive.  With practice and after reducing anxiety you should find that you can successfully meditate without needing a recording if you choose to do so.  Many people though, prefer a guided meditation as it makes it easier and often more enjoyable too.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

Do you feel constantly worried and suffer from an excessive level of tension?  Perhaps you have trouble sleeping and find it difficult to relax and switch off at the end of the day?  Hypnotherapy can help you to calm down and relax, physically, emotionally and mentally.  It’s natural to experience stress, life is full of it, but when anxiety becomes an issue you need to deal with it.  Our meditation for insomnia CDs and downloads can help you get back into a good sleeping routine.  See your GP/Doctor first before embarking on a course of self-treatment.

Panic Disorder / Panic Attacks:

Panic attacks are sometimes brought on by a stressful period in life and are very unpleasant to experience – sometimes the fear of the panic attack itself perpetuates the problem.  It is difficult to control panic attacks with conscious focus and willpower because they are so frightening to experience it is difficult to remain calm.  Try to tell yourself nothing bad is happening, and make sure you do not over-breathe and hyperventilate.  Some people cup their hands over the mouth and nose and try to breathe calmly while not letting the mind wander.  Easier said than done, but it definitely does help if you try this and wait for the anxiety to pass.  It can also be a strange experience because often you can be aware that there is no logical reason to feel this way, yet it is happening, along with this there may be a feeling of being disconnected in a sense and that can be quite unpleasant too.  With practice the main thing is to not let the fear take a hold - by not being afraid of the panic attack when it is happening it will make it pass more quickly and you can stop them from developing fully if you focus and concentrate on something while ignoring the feelings as best you can.  

Meditation and hypnosis downloads or CDs can also help with overcoming panic attacks a great deal.  The way meditation or hypnosis for panic attacks helps is by reducing stress and anxiety in general so that the likelihood of having a panic attack is gradually reduced.  The specific Hypnosis download / CD "Stop panic attacks" helps also by telling your subconscious mind not to be afraid if it happens, and builds your self-belief that you can get over this.  Please do get the advice of your doctor for a proper diagnosis before using hypnosis.

Some of our titles for stress and anxiety are:

  • Stop anxiety
  • Chillax
  • Destress
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Stop worrying

Hypnosis for Sleep

  • In response to a stressful period in life sometimes we have difficulty sleeping, and this results in tiredness and low mood.  Using hypnosis (for any purpose) will often improve the quality of sleep through developing our ability to quieten the mind and physically relax.  Sometimes though, hypnosis specifically for sleep can help a great deal.  Our meditation CDs and downloads can also help promote better quality sleep by reducing stress and increasing your ability to let go of unwanted thoughts and relax deeply.  A few of our titles include:

  • Chillax
  • Perfect sleep
  • Straight to sleep
  • Insomnia

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

People with OCD experience uncontrollable anxious thoughts and compulsions manifested with repeated ritual behaviour. For some sufferers, their compulsive behaviours take a lot of time, cause distress and significantly interfere with daily life.   Many OCD sufferers have it under control to some extent, but some people suffer from severe OCD and may need the help of a psychiatrist, do make sure you have checked with your doctor before using self-hypnosis.

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Control stress and anxiety with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is frequently used to alleviate stress and anxiety. It has already helped countless people overcome anxiety issues and excessive stress. Like a lot of things in life, stress is a good thing in moderation, it is inevitably part of our everyday life, but it should not be a hinderance or feel out of control. Positive stress is similar to feeling excited about something, it is also motivating and energizing. However, bad stress is when you feel overwhelmed, beset with too many challenges with no relief from the stress. Bad stress can make it very difficult to relax properly. Stress and anxiety can also lead to headaches, skin conditions, high blood pressure and depression.

Using hypnosis for stress and anxiety has proven to be effective for many people. Using a self hypnosis recording can work wonders in allowing you to relax more than you might have in a long time. Sometimes the results are very quick, but for some it takes a little longer to learn how to relax fully. With practice you will find that you let go a little more each time. As you relax more deeply stress kind of "melts" away. All the tension can be gradulaly released and your body and mind becomes more relaxed and comfortable. Hypnosis for stress and anxiety can help your mind to perceive situations differently, this helps you to reduce stress, allowing you to feel calmer, healthier and happier.

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We have some free items available for you. These are shorter recordings than our main items but are worth tying if you are new to hypnosis or if you are not sure. So to find the free hypnosis downloads and ebook just type "free" into the search box on the home page.

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